Zune play count not updating


Visual changes have been made to Zune Social, making it easier to navigate.Like-Minded Listeners feature added to social, allowing users to compare their music tastes to others.Checkers, Sudoku, and Space Battle are added to games.A new multiplayer mode and single-player difficulty levels are added to Texas Hold'em.


It has also been noted that the new firmware features the option to unsubscribe from a podcast right on the device.

A clock, screen lock feature, and free games (Texas Hold'em and Hexic) are added.

The "quick list" has been replaced with a "now playing" list, which functions differently from the previous "quick list".

In addition, Zune 3.1 brings to the table new gaming content for Microsoft’s digital media player, offered as an integral part of the update at no cost at all.

“The team has been doing a little extra work heading into the holiday season; in fact this week is a busy one.

Apps section removed from Marketplace in software (although they are still downloadable directly to Zune HD devices), Zune Social section removed, Mixview disabled, music videos on Marketplace cannot be re-downloaded, reactivated or relicensed if user's computer is upgraded and are no longer available for purchase or streaming via Zune Music Pass.



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