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It follows this convention before 1956: Where TT stands for the one, two, or three symbol tube type code, C is the change code, F is the factory and/or country code, and M is the month of manufacture.On the bottom of octal base tubes the code is usually FM/TTC.But it is nice to have these codes available if you are not sure what type of tube you have.I have decided to post the scans of the original Philips Holland lists that were created at their headquaters in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.Amperex, Philips, Valvo and other Philips owned factories coded their tubes in a similar fashion, but their codes were not upside down like Mullard sometimes is. The sideways H is the factory mark of Siemens-Halske in Munich, Germany. Siemens never used a week of the month in their codes.

It is more likely that tubes from the same date code and factory will match up better than tubes from different batches and factories.This material is presented "as found" and "as is" for your use and enjoyment.


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