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Logan's dad gave him money for all of the appliances in the boys' dorm room, and also for whatever Logan might want to buy.He and Dana Cruz were originally supposed to date until she was written out and replaced by Quinn Pensky: in School Dance he and Dana Cruz where matched during a personality test. He is portrayed as being a dumb person when it comes to school, spending money, and street smarts on many occasion, but it is revealed in one episode that he is very gifted in Chemistry, smart enough to tutor Zoey.For the rest of the series, they tried to hide the fact that they were dating; however, when they inadvertently revealed this to Michael Walk-a-Thon , he didn't believe them, as he thought the idea was ridiculous.


He is absent for Season 1 "Defending Dustin," "Quinn's Date," "Spring Fling," and "Backpack," and Season 3 "PCA Confidential," but appears in flashbacks from Seasons 1 and 2.

Logan constantly refers to himself as being attractive and condescends to others.


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