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Willie sits in on the uptempo, mostly acoustic number, playing his legendary “Trigger” guitar, and Bobbie Nelson adds piano.Micah Nelson also guests on the album, playing piano and banjo on “Runnin’ Shine,” while Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig of Lucius stamp five of the album’s tunes with their superb vocals.A true creative type will take that anticipation, channel it and find some relatable stuff—stuff that speaks to a larger group of people.”Nelson credits Alagia (who also contributes keyboards throughout the album) with helping him realize the diversity and the more expansive sound of the album: “He’s got a lot of great ideas, in terms of arrangements and chord structures. He had a lot of great ideas that we put into practice.”Young also provided useful input.“We have a crazy cosmic connection with Neil,” Nelson says.“Number one,” Willie recalls, “was don’t be an asshole.Number two: Don’t be an asshole.” And number three? ”“That’s true,” chuckles Lukas Nelson, one of the recipients of that pointed parental guidance. It’s a great lesson and it’s given me quite a lot of joy in my life and in love.Last summer, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real released their major label debut—easily their most impressive album to date—and they’ve served as Neil Young’s chosen backup band since they met at Farm Aid in 2014, touring with him extensively and collaborating on three albums (2015’s ).


The couple neither encouraged nor discouraged Lukas, who turned 29 on Christmas Day and fronts Promise of the Real, or his 27-year-old brother, Micah, from following in their father’s footsteps.“Ever since they were born, there’s been musical instruments around them where they grew up,” says Willie. I kind of let ‘em hear me play, and hear my sister Bobbie [Nelson, Willie’s longtime pianist and elder sibling], and the next thing you know, I see Micah over on the drums and Luke’s playing the guitar.

She said it was the first time she’d been able to feel any positive feeling at all since she’d accidentally run over and killed her 4-year-old daughter.

She asked me in the letter to please write a song about it, so I wrote ‘Set Me Down on a Cloud’ but it takes on new meanings as it goes out.”Another standout is “Just Outside of Austin,” which Nelson says was inspired by his love of the songs of the late country singer Roger Miller.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

Willie Nelson and his wife gave their two boys three valuable pieces of advice when they were young.He helped me on this album with the song ‘Forget About Georgia,’ just a couple of refrains.



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