Who is rodrigo santoro dating

Then they put it together that I was in “300,” although no one recognizes me from “300” on its own. Rodrigo: Here’s what really happened with “Lost.” They hired me and Kiele Sanchez to have new people on the show.

But I had a deal where I could only stay six months and at the beginning of the season they didn’t know when they would develop Nikki & Paolo’s story.

As with everything in “Lost,” they had to take their time.

They started the season but had to explain The Others and develop the love triangle and they did that for like four months.

It was the fifth month, “300” was coming out, I had to shoot another movie, so what they did was brought us to this one episode where they explained us and killed us.

That episode was worth it for me because I thought it was cool what they did with the spider.

With the film now burning up the box office, I connected with Rodrigo to learn more about the animation process, which of his characters is most popular with fans and if he looks back at his time on “Lost” with a heavy heart.


PW: What do you think of Tulio, your cartoon creation? He’s more like the nerdy guy, but there’s something we share, which is passion.I’m half Italian and half Brazilian – I breathe passion, I get excited talking about things, and Tulio is like that.You’ll feel that passion with Tulio, but his is about birds. I have so much love for animals, so I didn’t have to go so far. PW: Speaking of all the characters, which one do people approach you about the most?As Rodrigo was studying Journalism at PUC-Rio, he entered the Actor’s Workshop of Rede Globo.


He went on to play parts in many of Globo’s telenovelas, such as Patria Minha, O Amor Esta no Ar and Mulheres Apaixonadas. Meredith collects data to deliver the best content, services, and personalized digital ads.



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