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So did her resistance to opening herself up beyond her small circle. She attributes at least some of her win to “total serendipity. It wasn’t my intention when I got there to challenge Terence.” Now she sat at a more expansive table, where she could impact criminal justice policy, and she did.

She kept her political persona determinedly separate from her personal life. Harris wasn’t expected to even make a runoff, and friends and advisers urged her not to try. Among her mentors then was Willie Brown, the most diabolically astute player in the state.

She’s worried about wearing her personal experiences on her sleeve.

And, I’m guessing, she’s fearful of being pigeonholed as something other than who she is, which is a complex equation.

The cranky proprietress, Jeannette Etheredge, body-guarded the door.Despite San Francisco’s stiff political hierarchy, Harris has never waited her turn. And you’ll hear from her, and all her friends and fans, the importance of the words, “having a seat at the table.” More about that shortly.



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