Who is jennifer gimenez dating

Last nite I went to “THE PERFECT AGE OF ROCK& ROLL” MOVIE PREMIERE… I’m so happy to be back in the ACTING world…I love ACTING and all that it entails…so being there was a blast…after the MOVIE PREMIERE I went out to meet my friend for dinner and seriously he helped me soooo much…we talked for hrs…In this week’s podcast, the girls open the show talking about Lynette’s day at Disneyland with the kids.She happened to be there the same day as Adam’s Occupy Wall Street rant went viral, and expresses her worries that she’s spoiling the kids.V, upate, Wo Me N 16 is my favorite number…little brother was born on that day and so was i and i have many other reasons for it as well… oh man this oopzies that i have going on is getting ridiculous…split coffee 2 xs today…once all over me…yup good times… i just moved out of a place ,ended a relationship w my x boyfriend and work is getting hectic w CELEBRITY REHAB SEASON 5 about to start, i have a crazy publicity schedule happening (which im honestly so grateful for) other jobs im doing/shooting and a new manager that is doing such a great job for me…plus sobriety ,meeting,working w sponsies,my sponsor ,the program, family i tend for ,family quality time, friends ,me and my little mickey …oh and working out…im not complaining its just a new phase, a new chapter in my life… im relying on this thing called GOD and as my sponsor says im dating GOD right now…

she is one of my towers that I lean on for guidance and direction… after my meeting I went back to AMY’s and I had an hr to just relax so I went to her back yard wrote ,read and just took some sun for 40 mins… I was going to a “White Party” but I felt the need to find ala circa of some sort and we (she) did!These precious people I’ve lived with for a month…were so brave. On Monday they announced me in the movie I am doing “CHASTITY BITES”… I’m happy to say that I’ve shot a few episodes of that show with my BEST FRIEND BRANDI GLANVILLE -she is on this season…we’ll see what airs.



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