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Date of birth: February 17, 1994 Karima is the third of 5 kids in Jackson family. From the earliest years the girl was surrounded by love and protection her parents provided for her. Previously she worked as Family Service Specialist. The man shares sports news and prognoses with other fans. No doubt, he played an important role in his son’s fate, because the rapper thanked him in public while he was getting a star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2017. Ice Cube’s mother Doris served in the local hospital as a clerk.

She is the founder of a charitable company “Organize Change, Inc”. She took an active part in up-bringing of her son O’Shea and his siblings.

The couple had been married for more than 25 years when the Rapper ravished his wife with such claims.

In an age where visibility on social media equates currency and invasion of privacy is a given phenomenon, the California native is master at evading the glamours of social life; leaving not even a single trace of her existence online.

Previously Kim resided in Marina Del Rey, CA, but now she lives with her husband in Encino, CA.

The woman doesn’t work, but she is involved into a number of charity activities. When they met, Ice Cube immediately decided to marry her.

Much information about the famous wife, born on 1970 aged 48, is learned either via her husband, Ice Cube or her children. As for ethnicity, both Kim and her husband identify as an African-American.

The debutant got positive reviews from critics – he was created to play that part, because he resembled his dad so much!

He is one of the most famous performers in gansta rap style. Although the boy’s parents weren’t involved into making music, he fell in love with this art in his childhood. Since 1989 he performs solo under the name “Ice Cube”.



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