Who is bachelorette emily dating

Ricki Hendrick, her daughter with the late NASCAR driver Ricky Hendrick, is 10.

She and Johnson, a business consultant who did not participate in the popular matchmaking shows, got married in June with a surprise ceremony in South Carolina disguised as an engagement party. Maynard got engaged to Brad Womack at the end of her season of "The Bachelor," then to Jef Holm on "The Bachelorette" that followed. Maynard and Johnson, who'd met before she did "The Bachelorette," didn't start dating until she and Holm had split up.

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"I was like I don't have this thing figured out at all, I thought I did, and now it's like too late, we're already in this with a third kid."Considering herself blessed, Maynard chalks her good fortune up to God's plans.

I just have a hard time believing that there would be absolutely no proof of this relationship, but maybe Emily is a lot less relevant in pop culture than she thinks she is.



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