Updating xml using dom in java


Unlike element nodes, attribute nodes have text values.

The way to change the value of an attribute, is to change its text value.

In addition, updated JAXB example to show you how to convert object to / from XML. It parses an entire XML document and load it into memory, modeling it with Object for easy nodel traversal.


One of its design goals is that Java code written for one DOM-compliant parser should run on any other DOM-compliant parser without having to do any modifications. First, we need to create a document builder using In above code, we are parsing an XML file from filesystem.Sometimes you might want to parse XML specified as String value instead of reading it from file.For demo, let us consider an xml file that holds information of employees. In order to understand XPath, first we need to understand basics of DOM parsing in Java.

Java provides powerful implementation of domparser in form of below API.In short, it turns a XML file into DOM or Tree structure, and you have to traverse a node by node to get what you want.



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