Updating windows from microsoft

Update Downloads - downloads available updates from WSUS, Microsoft Update or Windows Update.Update Installation - installs available updates from WSUS, Microsoft Update or Windows Update.Applications deployed via the Creative Cloud Packager by an IT administrator will display the following error if the correct runtime is not installed: As your users may not have the required privileges to install updates to the operating system, it will be important to verify that the required updates from the steps above are installed to continue to use Creative Cloud products successfully.Reinstalling the applications is not actually required to resolve the issue.With this migration, our latest version of Creative Cloud will require that the VC 2015 runtimes have been installed on the system using the software in order to run correctly.As a result, some Microsoft updates will be required for older operating systems including: For managed deployments under Creative Cloud for Teams or Creative Cloud for Enterprise programs, IT administrators packaging software with the Creative Cloud Packager (CCP) will need to ensure that Windows systems have all required updates installed.C’t Offline Update is a small software which lets you choose the operating system for which you want to download the updates.You can always stay up to date by manually downloading all the updates for your version of Windows.

Microsoft is recommending for those still receiving the update notification to take a few precautions before starting the update process.

Windz Updates plugin is not compatible with Internet Explorer while it can be installed for Opera and Mozilla Firefox.



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