Updating truecrypt


Programs based on True Crypt launched soon after the end of True Crypt, and True Crypt users started to switch to programs such Cipher Shed, Vera Crypt and other True Crypt alternatives.Vera Crypt is based on True Crypt code and one focus of development was to resolve any security issue that might be in the code.You need to head over to the project's website and download the new version for your operating system to update it manually.Windows users may download the installer or a portable version.The developers published a message on the project's website and as part of setup that stated that True Crypt was not secure to use.An audit in two parts -- see the article on the results of the first and second part of the audit -- concluded that True Crypt had no backdoors but that it had some vulnerabilities.



Of course, you then need a computer with TPM, but Bit Locker also works without TPM.Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?



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