Updating peerguardian

Also, it seems almost impossible to block all the dangerous IP.

So to get more accuracy and features you need to Try some other Programs like Peer Block.



If you are looking for Peer Block alternatives, we recommend you to download VPN Unlimited or AVG Secure VPN. It is very important to notice that the official supplier of the blocking lists that the app uses I-Blocklist has restricted access to free users of this app, offering them only ability to refresh their lists no more than once per week.Additional refreshes are possible with usage charges.Along with such best features for IP filtering, Bee Think IP blocker is pretty lightweight which works with IP blocking process and different variables such as IP address, protocol, Port and other TCP/IP factors.


It gives you Blacklist and whitelist and Automatically updates IP list features.

It also gives you features through which you can the desired lists of “known bad” computers and you can block all communication with those systems who is monitoring your p2p activities.



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