Updating my maintenance program continually how

Yes, Maintenance Planner handles all data available in the LMDB and uploaded to the Customer Profile – please refer to the following blog to learn how to handle landscape data of multiple customers: How-To Handle Landscape Data as a Value-Added Reseller Using LMDB To manually upload the landscape data from Solution Manager to the customer profile, you can go to LMDB and click the button.Once this is done, system data will be immediately available on Maintenance Planner.Therewith, they are able to protect themselves against used vehicle fraud and especially against mileage inconsistencies. Every year, millions of vehicles in the United States are declared salvage.


For more information, refer SAP Note Maintenance Planner consumes landscape data available on SAP Support Portal for all maintenance planning activities, so up-to-date data on systems of your landscape needs to be available in the Customer Profile in the SAP Support Portal.

Check the replication date, and based on this, you can decide to delete systems manually.

Note that the deletion of the system in LMDB does not suffice, you also have to delete it in MP separately.

It is uploaded via LMDB of SAP Solution Manager Maintenance Planner consumes landscape data available on SAP Support Portal for all maintenance planning activities.

“Technical System Editor” of the LMDB is required where system data is automatically registered and supplied to the customer profile in SAP Support Portal.

Mileage inconsistency, stolen entries or an excessive amount of previous owners are facts that change the value of your car significantly, whether you know about it or not.



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