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When Rita Ora's name comes up nowadays, it's usually in relation to men.

The British pop singer is currently dating Calvin Harris, but her previous connection to Rob Kardashian had the world talking for a while — especially when Ora coolly claimed not to know who Kardashian was during an Australian radio interview in early April.

Recently, Ora has also denied rumors that she ever hooked up with Jay Z and it appears another rumor has caught up with her.

There was speculation in 2013 that Nick Jonas had written his song "What Do I Mean to You" about Ora and, while those rumors were true, the relationship between her and Jonas that the lyrics implied was not.

(Okay, how many famous people Rita that are around Nick Jonas' age?

How many famous people named Rita that are around his age that he's actually met?

Then again, the fact that he knew Ora so well actually makes it worse that he wrote a song about her breaking his heart without talking to her about it until after the song was done.TIL that British comedian Tony Hawks became so frustrated with being mistaken for pro skateboarder Tony Hawk that he has published a book called "Tony Hawk's The A to Z of Skateboarding" that contains nothing about skateboarding.TIL when 18-year-old Lady Gaga was studying at NYU, her classmates made a Facebook group called "Stefani Germanotta, you will never be famous" where they bullied her and called her an "attention-whore".Believing he was now immune, he sent a taunting letter to the prosecutor, admitting the assault.

It was used to successfully re-convict him to death.on Amazon Music Hey there Delilah What's it like in New York City?


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