The dating cure by rhonda findling


A telltale sign of a Malignant Man — he is usually unaware of, in denial of, or just won’t acknowledge his relationally destructive behavior, no matter how unhappy he is or his obvious lack of successful relationships. They can be irresistible, interesting, talented, brilliant, captivating, sexy, attentive, engaging, fun, promising, sweet, supportive, lovable, paternal and loving.

He is usually locked into his own subjective reality and often finds any feedback on his way of thinking about relationships as a personal attack. The tragedy is that these healthy characteristics are only parts of them.



He can be poor as a church mouse and still think he’s “all that”.

If you’ve ever known a man who was the sweetest nicest guy in the whole world but ended up sabotaging or destroying the connection once you tried to bump it up a notch, then you’ve had an encounter with a Malignant Man.

By saying or doing something that ruins your relationship.

If you’ve ever been left feeling broken, hurt, injured and/or traumatized by a man, then you’ve had an involvement with a Malignant Man.

If you’ve ever had a connection with a man who totally confused you with double messages, then you’ve been with a Malignant Man.At the very worst Malignant Men see women as castrating, sexually ravenous, manipulative and power hungry.


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