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Son Ye-Jin said she enjoyed acting in Be With You, and also suggested a few ideas during the filming. In 2004 First I watched Moment to remember, then I fall in love with her. THANK YOU so much for the the movie that I am going to have always in my mind as touch to the heaven. Bowing before you son ye jin is not just a goddess looking actress now it's a profound versatile actress... If she is reading my comments, perhaps she can share what and how she helped to make it a great and better experience for us, and mention couple of the scenes she especially likes. you are the reason i got addicted to korean dramas and movie.... ;) love all her movies and dramas, just like the perfect match and the movie "art of seduction" its so funny, .. She postponed her career to continue her academic career. As for my opinion and based on Min Sun's couple avid supporters there are, certainty. Lee Min Ho really LOVES Goo Hye Sun because he is a transparent person. They are a south Korean girl group consist of 5 girls: Yubin, Ye Eun, Sun Ye, So Hee and Lim.Because JYP has not announced an official departure, Sun Mi is considered by many to still be a member of the group. Former member: Kim Hyunah from 4Minute and Sun Mi (also known as Mimi her America name) but Mimi is considered by many to still be a member of the group. if you want to know their names in korean, 선예, 우혜림, 소희, 예은, and 유빈.They're Sun Ye (the leader), Ye Eun/Yenny, Yubin/Yoobin, So Hee and Hye Rim/Lim.The Wonder Girls started out with another member, Hyun A, who was replaced by Yubin/Yoobin: former member Sun Mi/Mimi is replaced by Hye Rim/Lim. But there’s so much more that this phenomenons atory can tell! Throughout the drama your acting along with facial expressions nailed it.... I was lucky to find "Something In the Rain" and its terrific ensemble of actors and the stories of budding love, family life, the workplace, karaoke, and aspiring young South Koreans. i really love your team up with Kim Nam Gil but whosoever be your next leading man,, i will always be watching & supporting u.. I've watched a lot of her works lately, and noticed that she always picked good projects to work on (with the exception of Crazy First Love). I don't know why but she always get bedded in her films or dramas.


No maybe you have misunderstanding lee min ho is the boyfriend of koo hye sun is not kim bum.actually koo hye sun is one of…

She is a great actress who has done movies and dramas played variety of roles. Hi every one this my first comment here I knew Korean drama from 10 years and this actress one of the most important actress in korean drama industry her beauty, talent, and many many more. love you and take care always Hi Ye-Jin shi, you are very pretty. THANK YOU please keep always shining , as I always love to see you from my place in Egypt unnie~~~u r xoooo beautiful and the most beautiful lady of korea~~and u also have great acting skill~~~i am a big crazy fan of u~~~we always support u forever~~~i think u and lee min ho are best match but u r xoooo beautiful that u r more match with flower boys than strong men~~~ she is just amazing i watched the tower, the art of seduction, personal taste and open city and i liked her acting so much; SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO professional in personal taste she was so natural and i liked her character; the drama is light and fresh a little bit different from her roles in movies but it rooooooooooooooooooocks n______n love her Son Ye-Jin. i love the way you acted together w/ lee min ho in your drama series "personal taste",both such good actor and actress and you and lee min ho,perfect match..partnership w/ lee min-ho was so perfect that i have kept going back to watching perfect match over & over again on "you tube".


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