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• Lawrence Findlay, Director of Education visited the school at the beginning of Dec to speak to staff.

• Jim Savage visited the school on the last day of term.

• Mixed report in the changing of the location • Science Cramped – could overhear other teachers speaking to parents whilst in the room.

Morag Rennie – Advised that there had been a PTA Chair meeting in Mintlaw last week.

• At the start of 2018 there were 55.4 vacancies across the 3 clusters (Fraserburgh, Peterhead & Mintlaw) 16 of these were in Fraserburgh. Need to make teaching more appealing as the promotion structure is too flat.

• Impact of Brexit – Sharp decrease in people overseas applying for positions as uncertain future, also current staff asking “can we stay” which we are unable to answer. Head Teachers Report • A successful good practice visit by HMI to the maths dept. • Established a trio of evaluating schools with Mintlaw Academy and Peterhead Academy.

• Induction days 14th, 15th & 16th June Increase in senior buddies looking after the P7. 16th Performing Arts Festival/Skills Development Scotland Science.


Cllr Topping – Asked that it was under his understanding that the Academy PTA were dead against the plane for a new school within the grounds of Fraserburgh Academy. Fraserburgh Academy Parent Council Monday 19th November ITEM COMMENT/OUTCOME 1.

• All faculties have undergone a forensic analysis of exam results and been involved in a data dialogue with the head teacher.

• Staffing update – we have appointed new staff in – 2DHTs, guidance, Biology, Art and English.

It will increase the opportunity for P7 to meet key adults in the Academy and also meet their new classmates. Pamela Whyte Response – Adds opportunity to see how pupils mix for class make ups.

We have already started working with the Primaries for the class make ups.

• A number of repairs are being carried out across the school – e.g.


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