Scorpio dating libra

LIBRA-SCORPIO SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY Sexually, Libra and Scorpio may not always click initially.Cool-headed Libra can find it hard to handle the Scorpion's intensely passionate and jealous nature – often sparked off by the indecisive Air sign's yes-no approach to sexual commitment.This is because many couples have Mercury in the sign preceding or following their Star Sign, which gives them far more in common at a mental level than might at first appear.LIBRA-SCORPIO COMPATIBILITY OVERVIEW For sure, there are some big differences between Libra and Scorpio due to the conflicting Air-Water combination – the former basically being quite rational and objective, while the latter feels things much more deeply and intensely.


Although superficially sympathetic, Libra can be surprisingly cool and detached when problems occur and may be unable to provide Scorpio with the depth of emotional support it longs for at moments of vulnerability.In a live-in relationship, Libra and Scorpio can often make quite a good team.Socially they often work well together: with Libra's charm and diplomacy and the Scorpion's hypnotic personal charisma, they have the ability to attract others magnetically towards them.Few star signs have the necessary strength of character to stand up to Scorpio’s manipulative tactics and resist its extraordinarily strong willpower – and certainly not Libra.


After all, Scorpio is probably the most powerful of all the Zodiac signs, while Libra is one of the most yielding and conciliatory.In turn light-hearted Libra has a hard time making sense of Scorpio’s brooding intensity and can’t understand why the Water sign can’t just snap out of its heavy moods.


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