Sara beany dating

She came up with the idea when trying introduce a friend of hers to the brother of someone at work.Sarah started her internet dating service with a pal two years ago after spending most of her life match-making friends.Sarah landed her role on Property Ladder by randomly talking to someone at a party. Sarah’s father was an architect so she had been on building sites all her life, that’s where she built her foundation of knowledge regarding properties.The following day her sister-in-law rang Sarah asking her if she wanted to be the front face for a new series. Before moving into property, Beeny tried her hand at various jobs including working for Save the Children, having a window-cleaning business, and selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door. Sarah has written two best-selling books, both on the subject of developing property for profit.

There are not enough houses for workers, the housing market pushing prices so far beyond the reach and salary of the average person, the rental market also reaching sky-high costs and yet, on every street corner, there’s another building site of luxury flats being constructed. TV’s Sarah Beeny might be able to, but she’s only focusing on current home-owners on how to maximise their own property space and design.follows Beeny as she comes to the aid of frustrated homeowners to help them transform their homes and the way they use them.


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