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After nearly 15 years of marriage, Rachael and Daniel took to Instagram on 13 June 2019 to announce their separation.

#TBT 2010 with @mr.danielgillies ❤️ We found Hudson, even smaller than this(!

The voice actor in question in named Ryan Alosio and he is the voice of Deacon in Fallout 4.

Alosio is pretty active on the social networking site Instagram and this revelation came during one of the many conversation he has with his fans. We loved playing Fallout 4 on our Fierce Gaming PC, we are looking forward to this game.


"A Scientist crosses to a parallel universe where his lost love is still alive.Look at the image below –Ryan posted another response but this time with the obvious exclusion of any mention of Fallout 5 (Image below) –This isn’t the first time a Fallout voice has goofed up, previously a guy named Erik Todd Dellums who lent his voice to the character of Three Dog in Fallout 3 had revealed that Fallout 4 development was well underway before Bethesda sent out an official word.



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