Rena sarigianopoulos dating

Ignore those who criticize your crappy show if your skin is so thin.

But pretending I'm some social bully who is constantly tweeting about how awful the show is shows how petty she is.

So Rena, in response to a snarky comment at the end of the show, "busted" me. At this point I hadn't tweeted all that much about her show, but she really put me in my place!

And then she lectured me, and tried to flatter her own ego at the same time. I was a social bully for daring to criticize a crappy show and refusing to watch two women babble about Chris Kluwe? She didn't block me, like she should have if she is so delusional as to think I tweet hate daily.

I'm guessing Nikki saw the same thing I did.) My favorite interaction came from Chris Hrapsky. But in comparison to all those from KARE who engaged me regarding #BTN11, he appears to be the only person whose elevator goes to the top floor.

He's a KARE reporter who has had to feed from the #BTN11 trough a lot, as far as I can tell. I can barely watch KARE's newscasts these days, for a myriad of reasons, but I respect a guy who doesn't need to come off as holier than thou.

YOUR LIFE IS NOT THAT FASCINATING Why is it that TV stations insist on treating their employees like they're part of our family?The show has a producer named Nikki Muehlhausen who once lectured me on Twitter.


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