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This keeps me up to speed with the latest in technological advances, and just about every time I find out about a new aspect, I make it a point to dig deeper.

I have my inquisitiveness to thank, and I keep learning because I never know when I might need to use a skill that I haven’t used before. Take Online Classes With Friends There are many online classes these days, making it easier than ever to be a lifelong learner.

The skills you learn throughout your life may come in handy as your business expands into new markets and industries.

You may have learned a niche that suddenly becomes popular later in life, or you may sharpen your skills so much so that you are an expert that others turn to for advice.

For example, I’m taking an all-day Excel class this weekend. Get a Mentor The best way to know what skills are needed and which path to take is to ask people that have already done what you intend to achieve.

For me, that’s the best return on investment you could ask for, and it’s something you can do during your breaks every day. Follow Industry Leaders on Social Media Make your Facebook timeline a learning hub by following thought leaders and relevant sites in your industry.

This will help you stay up to date on relevant news and changes in your industry to be able to better predict future trends. Use ‘Rest Hacks’ That Work Whether I am taking a road trip or running on the track, I am always looking to broaden my horizons with something new.

I use an arsenal of “rest hacks” that broaden my horizons and energize my spirit.


If I go out for a lunch break, I invite someone who may teach me something.After taking this strategy to heart you will begin to notice that you are meeting goals more efficiently.


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