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Cultivating your mutual sense of humor can help you to problem solve and form a stronger bond within your relationship, according to the nonprofit website Help

Leave the stressors of everyday life behind and make a date with your spouse to go see a new comedian or funny movie.

But for a married person, the contact easily can be anything but harmless. They love two people from two different times in their lives.

They would have to divide property, lose their current extended family of in-laws, lose mutual friends and give up shared businesses and homes—in other words, all the factors that go into the monumental decision of whether to get a divorce. When their contact with an old love starts, they assume that they will be able to manage their feelings.

Not only will you reconnect with your spouse, but you'll feel years younger as you recreate some of your early dates.

He sent back a note that respectfully declined my offer.

I apologized for the cheek of asking for a second date a full year afterwords, but I had to try. We had a quite wonderful second date and after that, another, and here we are almost two years later, three years from date 1, disgustingly in love and planning to move in together this fall.


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