Recaptcha not validating Live sexweb cam for free not login


But even after entering wrong text in the recaptcha text-box, the question/answer is getting published.My Re Captcha Public/Private key is accurate and I have also tried by changing my permalinks to default.CAPTCHAs are used by many websites to prevent abuse from 'bots', or automated programs usually written to generate spam.

You have probably seen some variation of re CAPTCHA.If you are working in a local environment, re CAPTCHA will work.However, it will show the message 'The re CAPTCHA is currently running on localhost'.This is normal behavior and the message will disappear when re CAPTCHA is used on a live site.

When a page with a re CAPTCHA is loaded, you may see the error "Cannot contact re CAPTCHA.

Check your connection and try again." One reason we have seen for this error, is the re CAPTCHA key is set to v2 but your forms are using invisible re CAPTCHA.


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