Potetiometer dating


Designed to be used with 2x12 cabinets containing two 8-ohm speakers, 4x12 cabinets with four 16-ohm speakers, or 4x12 cabinets with four 4-ohm speakers.Can be used for the following configurations: Protection relay used in the SVT-4PRO.


Also very common in guitars with active pickups, and as the input jack on some effects pedals. JACK NUT AND WASHER, METAL, SWITCHCRAFT Genuine Switchcraft nut and washer set for the blackface/silverface Fender bias pot, Mesa Boogie pots, and the CTS or Alpha pots with 3/8" bushing (found on original vintage Fender blackface and silverface), as well as Peavey and Switchcraft 1/4" jacks. Fits J-506, J-507, J-530, J-531G, J-532, J-532G, J-533, J-533G, J-539, J-539G, J-540, J-545, J-6074, J-6075, J-560. Two washers are used on each jack, and the "shoulders" are placed facing each other through the chassis.For 2-speaker cabinets, add the SJ-150 jumper, below.



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