Pedo dating Young adult christian chat

To be frank, bank robbers aren't barred from living near money, nor carjackers forced into Amish communities on dirt roads.

But for whatever reason pedos receive a "lifetime" sentence.

Now all of a sudden, NAMBLA is correct in some ways by precedence if Kaitlyn is too.

There's a big issue with how laws such as being deemed a sex offender, consent laws, and what we deem as morally acceptable under law.

mind you, develops a consensual relationship with a 15 year old girl.

At some point, girls engage in some fingering/licking/strap-action/vaginal frictional orgasmic whatnot...



So good luck to her being able to live anywhere near a school, park, church, or anywhere that kids "congregate" because the legal system paints such a broad stroke for people who have committed acts and served their time.But to stray away from hardcore literal male chauvinists with infowars accounts, the divide I see here isn't accepting separate behaviors for men and women, but creating a situation where a case is actually tried on the individual merit of the action rather than the plain lettering of the rules.


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