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Again, the money typically moves in one day, but it might take an extra day for the funds to Fees are often around to send a wire, and (or free) to receive a wire transfer.But if you use your credit card to fund a wire transfer, you’ll pay cash advance fees, a higher interest rate, and fees for the transfer itself.If you’re in a hurry to use money you’ve received by wire, a few phone calls to the bank should do the trick.To wire money, just submit instructions to your bank.But usually, if somebody asks for a “bank wire,” they want the traditional bank-to-bank transfer.Otherwise, a money transfer service or another type of electronic payment might be acceptable.ACH transfers: Automated clearing house (ACH) transfers are also different.

In other words, there is usually no hold placed on money received via wire transfer.However, if you fund those transfers from your bank account, the process will take at least several days.And if you use your credit card for a money transfer, you’ll pay extra fees.It’s best to send a wire directly from your checking account.

With a wire transfer, money goes from one bank to another, and then to the recipient’s account.

What's more, it is very difficult for the sender to pull money back after it's been transferred.


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