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Lately,there are rumors are in the air about Simone Biles’ dating life.She recently uploaded a photo on her Instagram account with fellow gymnasts who are representing Brazil in the Rio Olympics 2016.She typed a long email, as reported by Olympic Channel.com, she later described as “a love letter.” “If you don’t respond, I totally get it,” East said. “When [the reporter] said that, I was like, I have to fix this.” Liukin took the bathroom break, received the email and cried. Special Olympics Iowa Unified Golf pairs individuals with intellectual disabilities with Unified Partners (golfers without intellectual disabilities) to compete in a team environment.Unified Sports are crucial to our mission as they promote inclusion and friendship for all.Athletes with average or moderate ability are offered modified team competition.In fact, the whole posting pictures on social media was a joke pulled by both of them!When asked about her dating life, Simone said, “We joke that we’re like international boyfriend and girlfriend because we see each other at these international meets, so I think that’s really cool.


Lately, Simone Biles has been in the news for her amazing performances at the Rio Olympics 2016.We attempt to connect our athletes with their local COMMUNITY as much as possible.We use community facilities, we generate local publicity, and we portray the athletes and their families as local heroes. We encourage FRIENDSHIPS among athletes and families throughout Special Olympics.Interested in looking for a rewarding opportunity to give back to your Arizona community?


We offer several different ways to volunteer, from helping with specific events to administrative support.

Our Special Olympics program is a year-round sports program for Calvert County children and adults with opportunities to grow for everyone!



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