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Old Ironjaw could beat Old Crafty in a fight any day. Took me 216 casts to get Old Ironjaw.135 - Raw Longjaw Mud Snappers41 - Raw Brilliant Smallfish37 - Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish19 Pound Catfish Simple Blouse of Frozen Wrath Old Ironjaw-Easybakeoven of Aggramar Might be an idea to have some With patch 3.0.2 and the introduction of an achievement for catching both fish...Oh and BTW, I'm gonna get this on a twink, either 5 or 19, IDK. Purple in appearance and I'm on my crappy computer from 2000 and the monitor is really dull, so I'm thinking when i get this on my other computer, on my good monitor it will be a very rich purple looking fish on those sides and at the edge of the mouth. item=3823 handy becuase inevitably you will get spotted and once you do you might want to make a quick takes 1 lowbie to spot you and /general horde in cavern etc =p My stats for finally catching Old Ironjaw: Longjaw Mud Snapper (750) Bristle Whisker Catfish (258) Brilliant Smallfish (197)17 Pound Catfish (3)Lesser Mana Potion (3)19 Pound Catfish (2)Bloated Mud Snapper (2:) Veteran Armor (1)Simple Blouse of Frozen Wrath (1)Old Ironjaw (1: 0.82%)A total of 1218 casts for me. I highly suspect that Blizzard responded to the constant threat of getting corpse-camped by upping the drop rate drastically on both Old Crafty and Old Ironjaw.Ironjaw and Crafty have both met there ends by my own hands (rather my offhand).My mooncloth bags are overflowing with any kind of fish you could imagine...Good Luck to those trying, It really is a big achievement. try to jump out of the lava; you will hit an invisible ceiling. A friend of mine with 17 fishing (when he started) tried to catch it as well and caught 2 with 149 casts. Trying to get old crafty tomorrow, hope I don't get ganked too much.This will be voted down, but I am at 2899 casts, and still no Ironjaw. slowly keep moving left of the center (facing the wall) continuing to jump until you manage to jump out of the lava. as horde, i was pleased to see that most of the alliance left me alone, although:it took me 6 hours of almost contant fishing to get him, in that time a shaman got him within 5 minutes of fishin, a guild mate within 30 minutes and another guild mate within 2 hoursa note for horde, it is now harder to get into ironforge without dying as all the basic guards are level 75 that you can't easily stealth past, and theres also some level ?Caught Old Ironjaw last night and the pool outside The Forlorn Cavern on my undead rogue..me 462 casts and a few hours,aswell as a few corpse runs after being ganked.gonna go for the Org fish next Took just under 500 catches to snag this.

Finally got him after two days, and 261 casts (sure as hell wasn't going to leave until I got him, because I'm Horde and getting in is a pain in the ASS).

Like Chav, going for Old Crafty next, and maxing out my fishing skill as well.

Tauren Druid on Xavius1000 catches Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper x617Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish x199Raw Brilliant Smallfish x17319 Pound Catfish x2Lesser Mana Potion x3Lesser Healing Potion x3Bloated Mud Snapper x2Green (Mail) Legs (x1)6 hours in Enemy City, 0 ganks, 0 Old Ironjaw's My Old Crafty is lonley Edited 1 day later : After around 16-18 Hours of Fishing in last 2 days, probably over 3000 casts, caught Old Ironjaw : DProud owner of both Old Crafty and Old Ironjaw (also got The 1 Ring too, which i read is rarer than both of them, so thats a bonus : P) Seconded. You can /lay while against the far (southern) wall and your whole body will be under the water and far away from most traffic.

He began to get annoyed as a crowd emerged and began to fish.


Fishing is not my friend, I have 282 skill and since Achievements are around I didn't start to fish till last night. achievement=1556I laughed it off and continued to fish, felt like a noob but oh well that's life. achievement=1557Now I began to get really excited as I only wanted to go onto 100.-_-I have tried all types of lures, the fishing helm, the ZG fishing pole and nothing seems to work. elites wandering about too, once you get t the cavern i recommend not leaving until you have the fish, its a complete bugger to get back there every day For Horde trying to fish up Old Ironjaw, there is now a very easy way to get to Ironforge from Shattrath City.



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