Normal dating progression

I've gone on dates very rarely with women that are more than 30 minutes away. I ask for their number in case I have to cancel, or they have to cancel.Timeliness and process can very widely depending on many factors, including but not limited to; age, upbringing, experience, culture and past experience. It should state clearly in your profile that you're Christian, and what your expectations are.I think typing messages for a long period of time gives a false sense of security and can be more of a safety risk.When You Truly Love Someone: Would You Really Do Anything for Them? But a fast meet eliminates a build up to disappointment, it eliminates some flakes, and it eliminates catfish.

Wondering if chatting for 2-3 weeks instead of 1 week will be seen as disinterest.I was looking to date to find a husband, not to acquire an on line buddy/penpal (I already had plenty of friends including on line friends). A lot of people give up after a few days and some people don't bother moving on to the next progression by text or phone so I roughly know they don't want to continue things. I ll text back for a couple more days and I ll let them know I ll ring them.


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