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Di Perna (2007) characterizes social network sites as “connector websites.” Connector sites are online social institutions that provide infrastructure for interaction among users who seek and/or offer information, goods or services.They serve as “intermediaries for making human contacts” and facilitate social exchanges and community building [2].Interaction on networking sites presents new rules for civic socialization.Users engage in a collective process of self–regulation by following and enforcing the social norms established on the Web site (Di Perna, 2007).Several studies measure the time users spend on social networking sites such as My Space, and suggest that users of the site access it frequently. Twenty–one percent of the 19 participants in Dwyer’s (2007) qualitative study of college and graduate students accessed network sites several times a day, and 79 percent did it at least once a week.Though these studies report different rates of use and their samples were not random, they all demonstrate that those who access social networking sites do so with regularity.The term “networking” as it is used in this paper means an activity through which individuals establish and develop social ties with other individuals.


For instance, the ‘terms of use’ document of My Space states that user–generated content should not be used for information gathering and the Web site should not be used for commercial purposes (Snyder, , 2006).This study examines the content of My Space pages to reveal the types of personal information users disclose on their pages and the types of communication users engage in via through their My Space accounts.The researchers performed a traditional content analysis on My Space user profiles to learn about user characteristics and about the types of content posted on profiles pages.Scholars categorize networking sites in many different ways.

boyd (2007) classifies social network sites in which communication exchanges are archived under the broad category of ‘networked publics.’ Archived exchanges give users the ability to search each other’s profiles, which allows for asynchronous communication and creates invisible audiences.The results of this research contribute to an understanding of the use of My Space as a social networking site, a communication tool, and a means of self–disclosure and identity formation.


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