Mosc auto updating card


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States the maps details Navteq 2012 Q3 (xxxxxx) and then states that is has inactive content ?

If I change to many files then the system will not even boot and tells me that it can not read the data on the SD card.

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You will not find anywhere an accurate Windows (Embedded) CE version of their navigation software.

Drop in a new map and it correctly identifies version but states that is has inactive content......

Tried even more tricks and file re naming and Lic files etc and same issue every time.

Would be happy to pay a reasonable fee, but 0 plus for one update is crap.

On another car fourm they have also hinted that Toyota only release a new map every 18 months to 2 years... IGO Map and Licence files are locked...

I have no problems paying $ for an item or even paying for Map updates; but hate being over charged because we are in Australia.... Another car manufacturer Subaru has the exact same head unit...


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