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I need the ability to be myself and do what I want.” Cho goes on to reveal a litany of girl crushes, from burlesque stars Jo Boobs and the World Famous Bob, to her co-star Jennifer Grey, to Fiona Apple and Liz Phair.

He put me in an episode of Sofia Coppola Sofia Coppola dated Tarantino after her divorce from another acclaimed director, Spike Jonze, in 2003.“And they ruin things for the rest of us, because they make the men think it’s easier than it is. Do you think the act of sex is illogical, given that most men can come from just having sex and most women can’t? “But maybe we’re better off in that we can come a lot of different ways and that women have multiple orgasms, which men don’t have. The pair got engaged in June 2017, after dating for about a year.

Tarantino and Daniella tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Los Angeles on November 2018. in Hollywood had just come out and he approached me because he was a fan and we just clicked.I love that his movies are really inspiring and so significant,” she added.


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