Mandating alternative energy

The energy needs of the country is overpowering the ability to fulfill and China has made massive investments in hydroelectric, wind power, biomass and solar for alternative energy sources.

The largest investment was in the “Three Gorges Dam’ for power generation.

Brazil has elevated their country’s status on this list due to the high level investments in domestically produced and alternative energy.

As early as 1985, their investment in sugarcane ethanol allowed 91% of the vehicles to operate on this alternative energy.

To add to our renewable energy by country list are Iceland and Norway, both of which now generate 100 percent of their electricity from sources considered green.


In the case of China, the alternative energy source may have caused more problems in the long run.2} The European Union.The Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct) and subsequent legislation require federal government agencies to incorporate alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) into their fleets and/or adopt other strategies to reduce fleets' petroleum use.This chart shows EPAct AFV acquisition requirements, total AFV acquisitions, and additional credits toward the acquisition requirements for all covered federal agencies from fiscal year (FY) 2000 through FY 2017.Most notably, in 2010, Norway built the world’s largest wind turbine.

They have also invested in hydroelectricity, with 99% of their electrical needs being met through this alternative source and a smaller amount of investment in biomass.

This will move the country away from its dependence on foreign oil and make it more environmentally friendly.


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