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Construct 2 Game Development Tutorial for Begineer This is a complete game tutorial.How i have made Android game "Ride Dual Cars" in Construct 2 without having any programming skill.They represent the distance from the control node’s edges to its anchor.See We have now completed all the functionality for our game.To have the points snap to the grid, make sure “Snap to Grid” is checked.This option can be found under the “Snapping options” button to the left of the “Lock” button, appearing as a series of three vertical dots.node lets us draw our UI elements on a layer above the rest of the game, so that the information it displays isn’t covered up by any game elements like the player or mobs.


Your character must move and avoid the enemies for as long as possible. Select the node and click the icon to the right of the lock; its tooltip says “Makes sure the object’s children are not selectable.” Save the scene. This should automatically open the Sprite Frames panel. Drag the two images for each animation, named Warning If you’re using C#, you need to (re)build the project assemblies whenever you want to see new export variables or signals.For this game, we have 4 direction inputs to check.Input actions are defined in the Project Settings under “Input Map”.We also have an array containing the names of the three animations, which we’ll use to select a random one.


Make sure you’ve spelled these the same in the script and in the Sprite Frames resource. In , you will see some new buttons at the top of the editor: Select the middle one (“Add Point”) and draw the path by clicking to add the points at the corners shown. You should stick to 2D until you have a good understanding of the game development process. In a larger project, it might be useful to make folders to hold the various scenes and their scripts, but for this relatively small game, you can save your scenes and scripts in the project’s root folder, referred to as node, we want to make sure we don’t accidentally move or resize them by clicking on them. Then click the “Add” button to create a second animation named “up”.


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