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I appreciated the show’s diversity; the six-episode series features daters like Mila, a black lesbian woman; Leonard, an elderly widower; Gurki, an Indian-American divorcée; and Lex, a gay Asian man.was yet another reminder that straight white men are still the default in America—and that sometimes, they just don’t “get it.” It’s puzzling that the show’s makers decided to kick off with Luke, a straight white dude in real estate.

Gurki tells him about her divorce; she married a person simply because they’d dated for a long time and were from the same region, even though she knew the relationship was doomed.

On one hand, I think their exchange has the potential to open up a dialogue among viewers about culture clashes, communication, and being open to different perspectives.

On the other, why is it that a learning opportunity for a white person has to be at the cost of a person of color reliving her pain and defending herself at every turn?

Instead, he attacks her, telling her she’s a liar who’s ruined eight years of her life.

If Gurki hadn’t told him to piss off, I would’ve jumped through the screen and done it myself. I'm watching #Dating Around and the episode with Gurki, a Punjabi woman, is explaining the cultural pressures of being married (including arranged marriage) to some white fuckboy Justin who talks over her and calls her a liar and honestly I'm just so mad.— Vanessa Giron (@vanesssagiron) February 14, 2019Gurki deserves a thumps up for dealing with Justin and his verbal abusive attacking towards her, her past, her vulnerability to share, and her culture.

Smile Gurki and thank him for showing his true colors.



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