Lauren pope dating website


She worked with Heatwave to remix the song “Broken” by UK artist Pierre Lewis in 2009. She also appeared in the music video for the song “Ready for the Weekend” by Calvin Harris.

She is currently also a DJ for ‘Ministry of Sound’.

She is one of the private celebs who doesn’t like sharing their personal information.

Lauren’s educational background is in the dark as no official details regarding the matter has come to light.

Her business Hair Rehab London was later picked up and endorsed by celebrity hairdresser Mikey Kardashian.

The detailed information regarding her parents cannot be found.Her recent relationship was with Aaron Calmers which ended in 2017.Although being involved in several relationships in her career, Lauren Pope is an English glamor model and entrepreneur who is mostly known for her involvement in the ITV2 reality series ‘The Only Way Is Essex’.Lauren launched her own brand of clip-in hair extensions (Hair Rehab London) which she designed in 2007.

Her products grabbed the attention of numerous people and hence she appeared on the ITV reality television series ‘Tycoon’.

The show searched for entrepreneurs with ideas that Peter Jones helped turn into profit-making companies.


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