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That’s just the Windows update part—the installation is the most complex sequence of setup.

Windows 10 will have to decompress files, move around key operating system files and personal files, and reconfigure everything to work with your hardware.

Some of these are simple safeguards that everyone should do.

Others are more conservative measures that might only be worth your time if your Windows 10 PC is mission critical.

Microsoft has put an immense amount of work into making sure Windows 10 updates happen smoothly.

But inevitably, there are a handful of users who experience difficulty during the upgrade.

Editor’s note: Okay, those are the things everyone ought to do before upgrading.


While Microsoft has made significant progress in reducing the size of Windows updates, the new version of Windows 10 will be a large update.

This is due to the millions of configurations that exist and the complexity of making a product like Windows 10 work on the vast majority of them.

In this post, we’ll show you a few things to do in advance of the Windows 10 update.

In this guide, we’ll walk through: backing up your data, creating recovery media, and disabling software and hardware that might interfere with the upgrade.

Use this guide for reference for what you need to do to make sure the Windows 10 update goes off without a hitch.The latest cumulative update for Windows 10 now advertises the Windows 10 update to users who might be interested in becoming early adopters.


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