Javax xml stream isvalidating

This example Java source code file (XMLStream Reader is included in the "Java Source Code Warehouse" project.

The intent of this project is to help you "Learn Java by Example" arraylist, current, dtd, illegalstateexception, location, propertymanager, start_element, string, stringbuffer, uri, util, xml, xmlentitystorage, xmlinputsource, xmlstreamexception, xmlstreamreaderimpl /* * Copyright (c) 2005, 2006, Oracle and/or its affiliates. * DO NOT ALTER OR REMOVE COPYRIGHT NOTICES OR THIS FILE HEADER.

JAXP 1.1 ships with Xalan as its reference implementation for transformations; different processors can be plugged in. The two constants in this interface are used when specifying whether output escaping is performed, as discussed in section 16.4 of the XSLT specification at


XMLStream Reader //XMLReader Impl Copyright 1998-2019 Alvin Alexander, All Rights Reserved.

LOCATOR LINE NUMBER: 9 COLUMN NUMBER: 33 OFFSET: -1 OBJECT: null NODE: null URL: file:/Users/saurabharora123/Documents/javacodegeeks/JAXBValidation Example/EVENT SEVERITY: 2 MESSAGE: cvc-type.3.1.3: The value 'hello' of element 'zip Code' is not valid. SAXParse Exception; system Id: file:/Users/saurabharora123/Documents/javacodegeeks/JAXBValidation Example/person.xml; line Number: 9; column Number: 33; cvc-type.3.1.3: The value 'hello' of element 'zip Code' is not valid.


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