Jack nicholson and diane keaton dating

Myers also skimps on supporting roles for Frances Mc Dormand, Amanda Peet, and Jon Favreau, but thankfully this is one romantic comedy that doesn't pander to youth. --Jeff Shannon Harry: I just have one question: What's with the turtlenecks? Erica: Well I guess I'm just a turtleneck kind of gal.

Erica Barry: If I were writing this, this is where I would write "an awkward moment". Erica Barry: I'm friends with my ex-husband but then again, we didn't just have sex.

As long as old pals Nicholson and Keaton are on screen discussing their dilemma or discovering their mutual desire, Something's Gotta Give is terrific, proving (in case anyone had forgotten) that Hollywood can and should aim for an older demographic.



Erica's ex suddenly remarrying a woman younger than his daughter is another awkwardly handled contrivance to throw Erica back into Harry's path - it's not exactly clear what's going on initially because the daughter is so hysterical about the situation that mom must swoop into the city to calm her (forgetting a date with Dr.

Meyer embellishes her script with paeans to aging domesticity like the reading glasses which get switched between Erica and Harry and the need to consider blood pressure levels before canoodling, but she unfortunately bungles genre conventions.



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