Is simon and paula dating

they both seem to always e flirting w/eachother during the show.

of course they are Simon kissed paula then addmitted it in front of a million people that he liked it and that he would redo the kiss.

“Janet’s the last person she wants to see joining ‘The X Factor.’”Can we agree that Janet’s statements last week to the effect that she was not interested in judging for Cowell were bullshit? MORE: Nicole Scherzinger Suggests She Sexually Intimidates Simon Cowell Can we also agree that Paula was a loose goose who contributed to the dissolution of Jackie Jackson’s marriage? Can we agree that Paula is insanely hurt about getting tossed by Cowell – especially because nobody in their right mind would, ever hire her again? To me, Janet and Paula have always been way over-rated – I find them both bland and boring.



Jackie flipped for her right away and even told his family that he could see himself marrying her one day.

Janet Jackson has hated Paula Abdul for almost 30 years since she blames Paula for whoring around with her brother Jackie Jackson while he was still married. Now the battle is back on the front burner since Paula has flipped out at Janet for trying to replace her on The X Factor USA.

Janet accused Paula of being a cheap homewrecker when she started fooling around with her married brother while Paula was a cheerleader for the L. Paula is convinced that Janet wants the job of judge primarily to get revenge on her for ruining Jackie’s marriage.

i should know if their compatible because i had sex with Simon but we were not compatible (that's how i got pregnant bitch If you go on Google Images and type in Simon Cowell and look through a few pages of pictures, there is one of him and his ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour whom he broke up with because he is in love with Paula Abdul.

They are on the beach and you can see his feet in the sand.

Cowell has annual earnings of 95 million and he has a net worth of 550 dollars.


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