Is joe jonas dating chelsea staub david deangelo double your dating scribd


She was in the Disney Channel Games 2008 on the green team.

She has guest starred in Wizards of Waverly Place and Summerland.

CS: I believe in karma, so it's like don't go in and bad mouth or try to screw up something for someone else and may the best man win. TEEN: How do you deal with jealousy in this business?

CS: It's a constant battle to not let people get the best of you.



.header__3OBc H.wrapper__36h [email protected] (min-width:71rem) Nav__1Sh [email protected] (min-width:500px)@media (min-width:71rem)Nav__1Sh Ab.visible__2m RGs.section__1Mi Zw.section Section__2j Nz Section__2j Nz S .section Items__1t Eq Section__2j Nz S .section Items__1t Eq P .link__HCunz.section Links Section__2Pxj Q.other Links Section__3Q5VU.other Links Section__3Q5VU .section Items__1t Eq P.other Links Section__3Q5VU .section Items__1t Eq P .link__HCunz.Joe Jonas has been rumored to be dating Taylor Swift and Chelsea Staub. I think they are just friends all of the rumors about Nick dating Selena and Joe dating Chelsea and Taylor are fake the only one i think is true is the one about Kevin and Danielle i disagree i don't know about Chelsea but i do know that joe Jonas did used to date Taylor and nick Jonas did used to date Selena but i still don't know about Chelsea The actors that are in the JONAS and Jonas L. are Joe Jonas that portrays Joe Lucas, Nick Jonas that portrays the role of Nick Lucas, Kevin Lonas who portrays Kevin Lucas, Chelsea Kane (then known as Chelsea Staub) who portrays the role of Stella Malone, Nicole Anderson who portrays the role of Macy Misa, John Ducey who portrays the role of Tom Lucas, Frankiie Jonas who portrays Frankie Lucas, Rebecca Creskoff who portrays Sandy… She is only about 22 years of age, she wouldn't be that stupid as to get engaged at that time.


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