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Whitakers Health Newsletter that was given to me by my doctor about a Dr. Goldsmith who has pioneered a surgical process called omental transposition. Goldsmith has documented the benefits of omental transposition in medical literature and since 1960 has published more than 200 scientific articles, edited two books on the subject, and has presented his findings at scores of medical conferences.

The article claims that many plegics have gained a lot from the procedure and claims that one woman is even now walking! The article further states "You would think that this would have neurosurgeons lining up to learn how to perform omental transposition.



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If you do a search from "omentum", "Goldsmith", and "Kao", you will find hundreds of posts on the subject dating back to the beginning of the web site.

Note that there are several internet and email discussion groups by people who had the Kao procedure or the Goldsmith procedure. Can anyone please direct me to the most recent research on Omental Transposition. He tends to propose some pretty far on the fringe ideas.

High there, and welcome to the world's biggest community on skyscrapers and everything in between.

If you want to share the news, photo's and fun, please register to join.I am looking for clinical trials or case studies from the past five years. He does make quite a nice living with the newsletter and has a good sized number of believers and seekers. Goldsmith continues to give talks and to publish papers.


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