Illegal dating a journey into the private life of iran


citizen and human rights activist, she is speaking and writing to raise awareness and to help other girls and women like her.

She moves frequently and speaks under heavy security.

Trump's claims on Thursday, Iran's ambassador to the United Nations Majid Takht-Ravanchi told MSNBC he was unaware of Kerry ever instructing the Iranian government not to contact the White House.

Iranian-born Anni Cyrus was married at 13 to a complete stranger in his middle 30s. Cyrus spoke recently at a private home, praising the Iranian women now involved in the uprising against the oppressive regime in her native land.

“I had to wait until I turned 18 to migrate to the U. as a social refugee.” Her next stop was Chicago, with the help of an immigration agency.When she didn’t do what he wanted her to, he beat her. She paid tribute to those who “bravely hold their hijabs on sticks and risk prison or death.” By speaking out against the regime, Cyrus, too, has risked death.Cyrus escaped to Turkey when she was 15 and made her way to the U. A fatwa, a death sentence imposed by Muslim religious leaders, has been imposed on her.Trump for making "false" statements about the former secretary of state and mischaracterizing U. "Secretary Kerry helped negotiate a nuclear agreement that worked to solve an intractable problem.

The world supported it then and supports it still." Asked about Mr.

“My grandmother was in her late 40s when the revolution happened, so she knew what life was like before living under sharia law,” said Cyrus.


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