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Someone could very easily disembark and simply walk out without being examined.Besides the pier, the new building had some problems in its own right.

The flow of people and baggage in and out of the shed meant that the shed doors were often left open, and in Halifax – mainly a winter port – this was a miserable situation for passengers waiting to be admitted, or to join their trains.

Although a bit further from the railway station, the pier and shed at Richmond had been used at times to assist in clearing immigrants after the February fire.

Despite the pressing need for a replacement, it was two full years after the original fire before a new building was ready.

This served larger passenger liners well, as they were built to serve gangways at that height.


The ground level was updated to serve passengers who had cleared the immigration inspection and were waiting the join their trains inland.

The new facility opened in the fall of 1915.[16] The 1915 building at Pier 2 was a major improvement on prior quarters, and was comparable to the quarters that were eventually developed at Pier 21 in size – but integrated in a single building. An immigration officer in Toronto told me to seek a job as a domestic, as I would never get one as a teacher. The confusion was how will this country be for us, is it worth leaving everything back, the settled life, luxury and employment to face an unknown world of no one known to us.



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