For example, Congress amended the Social Security Act to create Medicare.For this reason, mandatory programs are outside the annual budget process that governs discretionary spending.To the extent consistent with law, government rules and guidelines affecting the United States healthcare system should: (i) expand the availability of and access to alternatives to expensive, mandate-laden PPACA insurance, including AHPs, STLDI, and HRAs; (ii) re-inject competition into healthcare markets by lowering barriers to entry, limiting excessive consolidation, and preventing abuses of market power; and (iii) improve access to and the quality of information that Americans need to make informed healthcare decisions, including data about healthcare prices and outcomes, while minimizing reporting burdens on affected plans, providers, or payers.The Secretary of Labor should also consider ways to promote AHP formation on the basis of common geography or industry.In an assignment phrase, column names are on the left and the values or expressions containing the assignment values are on the right.


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