Honduras and their dating practives

Many analysts concluded that a Malthusian scenario was being played out in which the population had exceeded the carrying capacity of the land.Durham's (1979) classic analysis of this situation demonstrated that it was the use and distribution of land, rather than its carrying capacity, that resulted in the problems of food production and the inability of families to meet subsistence needs.Large landowners in the south who had access to the good lands on the coastal plain had historically been unable to respond to favorable economic conditions because of the lack of necessary infrastructure such as transportation, markets, and credit.With the infrastructure in place these owners found it profitable to expand production for the global market.The Honduran government became an active agent of development, creating a variety of state institutions and agencies to expand government services, modernize the country's financial system, and undertake infrastructural projects.This period of intensified public sector investments coincided with temporary high prices on the world market for primary commodities like cotton, coffee, and cattle.The purpose of this case study is to examine the evidence concerning population increase and natural resource destruction to determine whether there is such a direct link.The accumulated evidence concerning southern Honduras is remarkably consistent in showing that environmental destruction is attributable more to the inequality of resource distribution and patterns of economic development in the region rather than to population increase.


Cotton cultivation along the Pacific coastal plain also is dependent on In 1969, the Government of Honduras expelled several thousand Salvadoran immigrants, many of whom had lived in Honduras for over a generation. This so-called Soccer War (because it occurred shortly after the soccer teams representing the countries competed in World Cup qualifying matches) was widely attributed to "population pressure"—the competition of poor Hondurans and Salvadorans for increasingly scarce arable land.

The land and water contamination from pesticides, as well as high levels of pesticide residues in food supplies, have had substantial effects on human health (Williams, 1986; Leonard, 1987).



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