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If anyone has any info on how to write Duel's btw, help would be much appreciated.Guys sorry to say this one might be headed for the scrap heap. I have to say though I enjoy the fact that people like the Alexis/Seto Connection.I've had a few things hit me the last few years that rendered me unable (mostly writer's block and also time management; my acting career took off as well) to update.However, I finally have a little time to myself and have the writing itch again.Biggestdreamer86 & I are in the process of deciding where to go with it from here. Again, the duel between Jaden and Kaiba I could really use some help with. Asukax Judai or Alexisx Jaden, whatever floats your boat.15 years after the Angels have been defeated, Shinji Ikari is invited to a reunion party.

With a baby on the way and Sasuke getting stronger, how will Naruto and Sakura stay safe from harm? But with Spike's unexpected turn up, and the damn remote missing, will things be worse.get even better? Shinji, Kaji and Fuyutsuki are chosen to become the new Riders who must face supernatural evil to prevent Third Impact. Sorry to leave you guys hanging so much buuuuuttttt below are some updates I hope that will make you happy:: Gonna go with a re-write on this one.One reviewer mentioned that I'd made Jaden's fall too easy, so I need to re-evaluate and make some major changes.I've got 2 epics (longer stories) in mind let me know what you think: Eva-Blanca: a Cross between Evangelion and Casablanca Robin hood GX: that's right Jaden is Robin hood in this story. Can a Pink haired dreamer help him find love in time to break the spell? Ever since Rukia came back with us after we saved her from Soul Society, she hasn't been the same. Asuka and Shinji pairing but a surprise visitor comes to Tokyo 3. Can’t give away more or the surprise will be ruined. Well Ladies and Gentlemen it’s that time of year again.

That miiiigghhtt be a stretch but hey ya never know could work. Jadenx Alexis/ Judaix Asuka ONESHOTThe students of Duel Academy are given the holiday season off for the first time ever! A Naru Saku Story inspired by my favorite disney classic, an endearing fairy tale, and my favorite anime The Winter War is over and Aizen has won. She's lifeless, she's not my Rukia anymore, and it sucks. Yum Sum Series: Book Two Shinji is trained by the deadly Legato Bluesummer to become a powerful telepath, and causes all kinds of havoc in NERV while planning to ruin Gendo and make Rei his own. Co-written by Biggestdreamer86WELL LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I’VE RECEIVED ENOUGH VOTES TO DECIDE TO DO A SEQUEL TO “GX CHRISTMASTIME.” PLEASE READ THAT ONE FIRST IF YOU HAVEN’T YET. Happy Holidays to you all, and an early Merry Christmas, as well. I set the story to Aladdin where Jaden is the Aladdin character and Alexis is the Princess.

Naruto returns to Konoha with a beaten Sasuke on his back. Too bad Syrus and Hassleberry don't have anywhere to go! Soul Society is in ruins, Karakura Town obliterated. Ichigo wants his Rukia back..how can he bring her back to reality? In the spirit of the holidays I figured I’d put together a little Christmas Tale of How Jaden and Alexis fell in love! This is a story set 10 years after Alexis and Jaden's graduation from Duel Academy. The first chapter is just a set up for the rest of the story Chazz is the Jafar Character. This is a look at what, might have happened if season 4 of Yu Gi Oh met up with GX.



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