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The couple, both New Yorkers, have no family in Portugal, nor have they ever lived there; they simply wanted an unusual and exotic location, and in this day of casual jet travel -- not to mention a galloping economy -- the extravagance of going to Europe for a long-weekend wedding did not seem far-fetched. At a chateau near Paris over the Memorial Day weekend, Nathalie Gerschel, a special events coordinator at Christie's, wed Edward Kaplan, an executive at Showtime Networks, before 400 friends, including members of Manhattan's junior social set like Whitney Fairchild, Sloan Lindemann and Rob Speyer.

A number of guests, including the bridegroom, who specializes in movie-industry deals, were traveling directly from Portugal to Sun Valley, Idaho, for the annual conference of media and entertainment chieftains given by Allen & Company, the investment firm.'' Who wants to go to another wedding at the Pierre? Josephson, whose mother, Arlette Brisson, wore a James Galanos gown, a gift from the designer, to the ceremony, and changed three times during the 12-hour reception. Josephson, in a morning coat, got a kick out of showing off the pockets in the tails, where he stashed his gloves. In June, Jamie Saslow, a former retail sales consultant, and David Mitchell, an investment banker, were married in the Spanish Synagogue in the historic Jewish Ghetto in Venice with 160 guests, who were transported by private vaporettos and water taxis to nine events in four days, requiring two party planners from Milan.


Ilia is a very picturesque and beautiful region, with nature and fields as far as the eye can see.

The difference is you're on holiday, I guess.'' Others are more confident in offering reasons for the trend.


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